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    Enjoy a guided tour of the majestic Mourne Mountains.

    Learn about the rich tapestry of the people and landscape that have shaped the Majestic Mournes from Celts to Vikings and Normans to Americans.

    There is a diverse landscape which has been inhabited for over 5000 years. Much of the ancient gold in Celtic Jewellery can be traced to the Mournes. There is also a rich biodiversity in its landscape, with some types of unique habitats and species that can only be found in the Mourne Mountain region. Visit some of the ancient dolmans, castles and heritage sites that tell the story of times past.

    The Mourne Mountains are famous for their granite which was quarried and exported all over the world. The streets of Liverpool, Manchester and other cities in England are paved with Mourne Granite. Unfortunately, the quarrying of Mourne granite is now restricted but you will see the evidence of the Mourne granite story all over the landscape and see the important role it played in the local community and continues to play. You will learn about the stone masonry traditional techniques; how Lady Diana’s memorial was created, right in the heart of the Mournes and the story of how the Mourne Wall was built, which is Northern Ireland’s answer to the Great Wall of China.

    The lowland areas of the Mournes are a beautiful patchwork of green fields surrounded by Mourne dry stone walls. This breathtaking landscape produces excellent local food from seafood to honey, potatoes to vegetables, milk to meat and also its award winning Whitewater Brewery. The Mournes is also home to many large reservoirs which collect the crystal waters in the tranquil setting of the Silent Valley Reservoirs and Spelga Dam. The Mountains famously sweep down to the sea and there is a wealth of fresh local seafood landed at Kilkeel, Northern Ireland’s largest port and also at the quaint harbour at Annalong which has an 18th century Cornmill. Farming, fishing and granite were the main industries over the years. The Mournes stretch from Carlingford Lough to the Irish Sea and there is stunning coastline at Cranfield Bay leading to 13th C Greencastle Castle and the mudflats at Millbay which includes an area renowned for its birdlife.

    Be inspired by the magical Mournes as it did CS Lewis when writing his world famous classic stories. It is said that it was during holidays spent in Rostrevor as a child, that created the setting of Narnia. The Mournes have inspired writers, poets, song writers and artists for centuries. You too will be inspired by the scenic beauty and rich heritage of the Kingdom of Mourne one of only two ancient Kingdoms in Ireland as you take our guided tour.

    Includes stops at various points of interest, rest stops, and you will be able to choose from various cafes and restaurants at lunch time.

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